Unveiling Anger’s Impact: Lady Masako’s Struggle in Ghost of Tsushima

This week on Geek Devotions, Dallas delves into the complex portrayal of anger using Lady Masako's character from the video game Ghost of Tsushima as our guiding example. We explore how her profound loss fuels a quest for revenge, highlighting the destructive potential of anger. We discuss why anger itself isn't inherently bad but must be managed wisely to prevent it from controlling and harming those we care about. Join Dallas as he unravels the mindset behind Lady Masako's journey and learn valuable lessons on handling anger in our own lives. Don't miss this insightful analysis of one of gaming's most compelling characters.

Why Holiness is Important | Creature Devotional

Uncover the mystery of 'Creature' (2023) Episode 1 as a Cholera outbreak grips the village. Join us on Geek Devotions to explore the unexpected parallels between this crisis and the concept of holiness in the lives of Christians. Discover the vital lessons from 1st Peter 2 and why staying aware and committed to holiness is essential in our modern world. Don't miss out – hit that like, subscribe, and notification bell to join the discussion!

The Unseen Reality: How Physics and Faith Coincide for God

Michael J ManacciWriter Whether we view the world through a stained glass window or a Dobsonian Telescope lens, we can observe and admire the natural world that our Father created and all its beauty. In most cases, science, much like religion, requires a sense of faith. The Scientific field of physics, through the lens of … Continue reading The Unseen Reality: How Physics and Faith Coincide for God

Why we should avoid Bitterness at all costs | Disney’s Gargoyles Devotional

In 1994's Disney's Gargoyles, we meet a character named Demona. Demona is a Gargoyle has become so bitter towards the humans, that she took actions that led the death of her entire clan. Instead of learning form this, she allowed bitterness to take root in her life which led to even more issues. Join us today on Geek Devotions as Dallas discusses the dangers of Bitterness.

A Review of CieMie’s “We Love You CieMie”

AC PeckhamWriter Hey geeks! For this PRM review, I’m excited to share with you something you might not have encountered before. Having explored several genres, CieMie is an experimental Christian artist constantly searching for new ways to praise God. With his debut solo album, “We Love You Ciemie,” he experiments with a style he calls … Continue reading A Review of CieMie’s “We Love You CieMie”