A Sacrifice that Lead to Hope | Star Trek Devotional | Trekmas

https://youtu.be/4AQ8tR8F6G4 In the original Star Trek series, there is an episode called “The City at the Edge of Forever.” In this episode Dr McCoy is accidentally injected with a substance that makes him paranoid leading him to run from the ship to a strange planet. Spock and Kirk lead an away team to find their … Continue reading A Sacrifice that Lead to Hope | Star Trek Devotional | Trekmas

How is Character Built? – Ultraman Devotional – I Heart Japanese Monster Month

Week two of our "I heart Japanese Monsters Month!" This week Celeste is taking look at episode 33 of 1967's Ultraman, "The Forbidden Phrase." In this episode Celeste saw a young man go through an interesting trial that developed some amazing Character. But why is character important? Check out this episode and find out!

Why You Need to Watch OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes

In this series, his journey to becoming the greatest hero of all time leads him to Gar’s Bodega Hero Supply Shop. There he and his fellow Customer Service employees work and stock the convenience store. While serving the hero community, they often find themselves fighting off the evil Boxman. Lord Boxman wants to shut down the Lakewood Plaza Strip Mall that Gar’s Bodega is located. Through various adventures and humorous experiences, K.O. learns what it means to be a hero while inspiring his fellow heroes around him.

So why do you need to jump on Hulu right now and watch it?