Mars Attacks! – TBS Review

ACK! ACK ACK, ACK! ACK ACK ACK AAAAAAACK ACK ACK! ACK ACK ACK, ACK ACK! Translation… In 1996, Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks was released in theaters and was a box office bomb. In that time, however, it has claimed cult status. Is Mars Attacks as bad as the initial box office reviews say? Or does it belong on a higher shelf than the bottom? Join us as our crew explores this very question…

What is the Purpose of the Holy Spirit

This is a special Extra Tuesday episode featuring a message Dallas preached in May of 2021 at The Healing Place in Shreveport, Louisiana. In this particular message Dallas takes time to talk about the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is a promised gift from God, but what is the purpose of Holy Spirit? How does Holy … Continue reading What is the Purpose of the Holy Spirit