Something Good In the Midst of Something Ugly

This week on Geek Devotions, Dallas does a special episode from the Philippines where he was helping to produce some promotional videos for Fire School of Ministry and Hope For All Children. In this episode, Dallas talks about how the effect that Christ has on a bad situation and how He can turn a dark situation into a hope-filled one.

Is Monster Energy “Evil?”

Back in 2014, a woman named Christine Weick was filmed attempting to convince people that Monster Energy Drinks had ties to the occult and particularly Satanism itself. She laid a variety of "proofs" in the video the caused some to question things. At the time of its release, I was in charge of running the coffee shop at my church where we had Monster energy drinks. In response, I did my due diligence to research into the claims. Below is a repost (edited slightly) of my findings that I posted on a personal website many years ago.

How to Minister Wherever You Are

As a follower of Jesus, we must live our lives in a way that reflects the effect of Christ’s supremacy in our lives. The best way of doing this is to do the very best we can in whatever situation we are in. The purpose of doing this not just so that we can carry the title of “Christian” but so that we can be an example of those around us who do not know Christ.

Comm Talk 021: Shin Godzilla – The Rightful Heir feat. Paul J Powers

Today on Comm Talk, Devoted Geek, Paul J. Powers of Retro Rewind Podcast joins us in our discussion of Shin Godzilla (2016) Today we discuss some of the things we didn't like, things we enjoyed, and some spiritual themes that we found in the movie! Make sure to leave some comments and let us know … Continue reading Comm Talk 021: Shin Godzilla – The Rightful Heir feat. Paul J Powers

Extra Tuesday Live – King of The Monsters Feat. Francisco Ruiz of Retro Rewind Podcast!

Tonight on Extra Tuesday, Special guest Francisco Ruiz of Retro Rewind Podcast will be playing the classic SNK game King of the Monsters! Towards the end of tonight's stream we will be taking a moment to pray over any prayer requests people may have.