CT116 A Devotion from The Fantastic 42

This past week on our YouTube channel, Dallas gave a Patreon supported devotion based on the 1951 classic Sci-Fi film, The Day the Earth Stood Still. This week we wanted to share a devotion found in the 42 day devotional book called Fantastic 42: A Fellowship Facing Doom with Hope. This particular devotion, written by Eric Anderson, is also based on The Day the Earth Stood Still and we really think it will encourage you. 

Top Five Favorite Aspects of Animal Crossing 2.0 & Happy Homes Paradise

If you read my previous article about my initial reaction to the DLC's that have taken the cozy gaming world by storm or if you were there on our Twitch channel as I did a blind playthrough, then some of this list should not be a surprise to you. But these new DLC's have me wanting to go to my island more than I probably should. So without much more ado, here are my top five favorite new things