A.C. Peckham

Hey there, devoted geeks! It’s AC, back with another multi-artist collaborative album. This one is even bigger than the last one, featuring a total of twenty-seven songs by A total of thirty-two artists! Hosted by God’s Nation and employing the combined talent of this many artists, Sky Command is a Christian EDM album filled past the brim with talent and artistry.

Early in 2023, Rick and Matthew, the masterminds behind God’s Nation, announced that they were putting together this collaborative project as a way to showcase talented Christian EDM artists and give the Church something passionate and Christ-centered to party to. Numerous artists answered the call. This album is certainly jam-packed, as it contains almost thirty songs. However, there were even more songs than this submitted for consideration. As they received submissions, they carefully analyzed each one before deciding which ones would make it to the album. In doing so, they ensured only the best tracks made it in, thus resulting in a purely epic album.

Each artist who made the cut brought their A-game to this album. Songs such as “Jump” by CACHI, “Jericho” by Pembers, and “JESUS SQUAD” by BLSSNGS focus on delivering hard-hitting instrumental tracks. Additionally, many tracks boast powerful messages that blend beautifully into the electric tone of the genre. “In Need Of God” by JOSHUA LAZER simply repeats the truthful statement “we stand in need of God” throughout. “Praise His Name” by Nautica and Kamo Phetia employs a similar repetitive style to deliver the imperative to God’s people to “praise His name.” Even still, other songs emphasize the lyrical content, such as “By My Side” by Marco Tonio, which contains full verses and chorus illustrating God’s faithfulness. 

Each track powerfully captures the mission of God’s Nation. Listeners will be ensnared by explosive bass, riveting drums, and exquisite melodies. This collection of faith-focused EDM would make the perfect soundtrack to your next church dance party.

As previously mentioned, Rick and Matthew were very intentional in selecting tracks for this album. Sorting through numerous entries, they only selected the best of the best of the best, considering everything from composition and Lyrical content to the final mixing. As a result, it is difficult to find any major issues. 

Overall, I give this album 5/5 Cyber-Llamas Throwing a House Party. 🪩

Want to hear this ablum or experience even more of God’s Nation? Click the link below: