Join us as Dallas sits down with Charles Bell, Founder of Game Warriors Gaming for a Cause, to discuss an awesome opportunity coming to Minden, Louisiana. Charles and his team are putting together a place where gamers of all types can gather to play board games, video games, and TTRPGs, all in a safe and fun environment!


Dallas Mora

Game Warriors Gaming for a Cause is a nonprofit organization that specializes in creating gaming events to help raise funds for and awareness of various organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, food pantries, and various disaster relief programs.  Recently, however, they have embarked on a new adventure of creating a space for gamers of all types in the Minden, Louisiana, area to gather to play board games, tabletop RPGs, and video games in a safe, friendly environment. What is the area called?  

Gamer Haven.  

This unique space is filled with video game stations, both retro and modern, and tables covered in board games, various card games, and tabletop RPGs! When asked how this started, Charles said, “When we started Game Warriors, originally, it was friends and family, and we played board games and video games. And when we switched to “Game Warriors: Gaming for a Cause,” we had to switch to video games. And one thing I always missed was the board game aspect because I’m an all-around gamer. But not having a location caused problems.”

Overcoming that problem has been a passion of Charles’ and his team for years, but due to various challenges, it was one that had to be left unfulfilled. That is to say, until recently, when the staff of his home church, Christian Church at Minden (CCAM), approached him about a potential solution.  

“He’s [Student Pastor at CCaM] like, ‘I really want a place to play ball games and get together. You know, because we’ve got families and stuff like that, it’s kind of hard to have people over and finding people, you know.’ He’s like, ‘And I want Game Warriors to utilize it.’ Yeah, I’m like, okay, cool. And they talk to my wife and pray about it and all that stuff. And here we are.”

This is an ongoing project that they are planning to launch by the end of August. In the meantime, they will be hosting a preview night via a tournament. If you’re interested in discovering more about Game Warriors: Gaming for a Cause and Gamer Haven, visit their website, and to keep up with events, be sure to follow their Facebook page.