Under the Radar…

This is a term that means something is relatively unknown. It goes by you without being seen. It’s often used when talking about how an event or subject went past you without realizing it happened. Podcast Magazine is a website/magazine that regularly does articles called “Under the Radar,” which highlights podcasts that individuals may be missing. Honestly, I love this and appreciate them taking the time to highlight others. Here’s the true irony of it all.

They did an article on our podcast, Comm Talk by Geek Devotions, and it was under our radar. That’s right, folks; back in April of 2021, writer Kory Poelker did an Under the Radar feature on us, and we had no idea! So what did Mr. Poelker have to say about us? I invite you to read for yourself, but I will say this, he was very kind, and we appreciate all he said.

Click the Podcast Magazine logo above to read their review of Comm Talk by Geek Devotions