Last week we talked about the downside of asking “What if” questions. Sometimes we can become paralyzed by asking ourselves “What If I had done…” questions. If you’d like to see that episode or read the devotional article; click the link thumbnail below.


There is a flip side to the “what if” questions. Sometimes asking “What If” can spur you to action, it can motivate you. In this week’s episode, Dallas asks us to imagine three things, or ask yourself three “What If” questions…

The first thing is that we want you to imagine BEING what God says you can be. Think about that for a moment. Seriously ask yourself; “What if I could honestly BE what God has called me to be.” This is legitimately something many people struggle with. People can often trace their issues back to not operating in their true Identity. Some people find themselves wondering if they could ever truly Be what God has called them to be. What is that He wants you to be? His son, His daughter; that’s really it.

The second thing we want to ask you to do is to imagine KNOWING what God is saying. Often times people; ask “how do I know what God is saying to me and what He’s asking me to do?” When we grab hold of our identity as His son/daughter, then we can truly begin to know what He’s saying. Reading the word, spending time in prayer; these things become much more dynamic as we walk in our identity.

The third thing we ask you to imagine is this… Imagine DOING what God says to do. On a surface level, some may think this is the same thing as our first thing, BEING. But it’s not. We must never confuse our Identity with what we do. Far too often people confuse the ministry that they serve in, the job that they have, etc. with their identity. Those are things you do as an outgrowth of your Identity as a son or daughter of God.  But if we are stable in our identity, if we learn to listen to God, we can have the confidence to walk out what He is telling you to do. It could be something as simple as taking time to be kind to someone, to start a ministry or business.

In Luke 15, we find the story of the Prodigal Son. This is an excellent example of someone who allowed his imagination to spur him to action. If you’re unfamiliar; this is the story of the son who took his inheritance and ran off. After he found himself in a literal pigsty, he began to imagine what it would be like in his father’s house. Now, in this case, he simply wished to be a servant. He didn’t know the full extent of the grace of his father. But his taking time to imagine spurred him to action. He came back humbly to his father. As a result, his father restored his identity so that he once again BE what he was always meant to be, a son. He was able to KNOW what his father was saying, which was, “I love you.” And at the same time, as a result, he could walk out his identity and DO what his father had called him to do.

If you are far from God, we’d like to encourage you to turn back to our Heavenly Father with humility. If you’ve never known God, we invite you to come to know Him. His grace is far more than what you could ever imagine. If you’d like for us to pray with you and walk you through the process of Being, Knowing, and Doing; feel free to reach out to us via social media or email us at