This week we take a look at The Gifted Season 2’s premiere and ask the question, “Is it worth watching?”

Underground vs the Inner Circle

This particular season seems to be focused on the internal struggle of the mutant society itself. It’s no longer just about Mutants vs Sentinals, it’s now The Mutant Underground vs a secret mutant society called The Inner Circle. Even the promotional pieces for this season are asking viewers to take a side.

Our Thoughts on the Premiere?

This season opener left us wanting something more. Not saying it was a bad opener but it seemed incomplete. Our general consensus is that it would have better for them to do a special two-hour season premiere that summed up the last 6 months and give us a great intro than what they did. This opener quickly summed up several things but ended in an odd place of us being excited yet slightly disappointed. We are hoping that it’s simply a slow opening to a great season. We really love this show and want to see it go on for a while!

What were your thoughts? Did you enjoy it? Where do you see this season going?

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