How what you do teaches others more than you know | Across the Spider-Verse Devotional

In 2023's "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," Peter Parker shares with Miles Morales how while Miles has learned from him, he also learned from Miles. Why is this intergenerational teaching and learning so important? How is it that the most impactful thing for Peter was the actions of Miles? Join us as Celeste walks us through this conversation.

An Open Letter to the Wall Crawler | by Michael J. Manacci 

The comics, cartoons, and movies of Spider-Man have a magical effect on readers and viewers. They invite all who partake to be part of a particular demographic, one issue, one episode, one film at a time. That demographic is; New Yorkers. This is a special article that one of our writers came up with. It’s an open letter in the “Daily Bugle” found in the world of Spider-Man from a “New Yorker”… we hope that you find these thoughts interesting.

Killing Time: Thoughts After Maximum Carnage by John Harju

John HarjuWriter "over the top – over the top, right now it's killing time...over the top – over the top, the only way out is to die!"Scream Aim Fire" by Bullet for My Valentine If I am being honest, this article is difficult for me to write for two reasons.  First of all, if I … Continue reading Killing Time: Thoughts After Maximum Carnage by John Harju