You Need To Work With Others | Pacific Rim Devotional | Mechmas

In 2013 we were introduced to the world of Pacific Rim. Giant Robots versus Giant Robots... can't go wrong with that. But this movie came with something more than just Kaiju Vs Mechs. It came with discussion of Drifting... Why is it important for us to trust others? Why is it important for us to work with others? Join us as Celeste explores these ideas.

How Bad is G-Saviour?

In 1999, Sunrise put together a multimedia event meant to celebrate 20 years of the franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam. Part of this celebrations a live action movie called, “G-Saviour.” Was this live action Space epic the saviour to live action adaptations? Or does it truly belong on The Bottom Shelf? Join the team as they find out.

Why Generations Need to Work Together | Zeta Gundam Devotional | Mechmas

This week on Geek Devotions, as we continue through mecha inspired series, Dallas takes a look at an entry in his favorite Mecha franchise... Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam! In this direct sequel to First Gundam, Amuro Ray finds himself having to work with the next generation of Gundam Pilots... Kamille Bidan. Why is it important for generations to work together? What are the benefits? Join us to find out!