Attack of the Killer Tomatoes – TBS Review

In 1978 the world faced with a great danger. Villainous grouping of the mature ovary of a flowering plant that is edible decided to turn the food chain on it’s head… Tomatoes were out for blood. At least that’s what John De Bello wanted us to think in his film, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Is this low budget film better than what people say? Or does it truly belong on The Bottom Shelf?

Catwoman: Hunted | a Dapper Review

Kevin Burnham(Writer) “Catwoman: Hunted” is the latest animated movie released by DC animated studios. It has taken quite a while to finally have a movie of just her own without Batman and the Joker in the story, which to me is just getting too repetitive. “Catwoman: Hunted” is made in an anime style that includes … Continue reading Catwoman: Hunted | a Dapper Review