Killing Time: Thoughts After Maximum Carnage by John Harju

John HarjuWriter "over the top – over the top, right now it's killing time...over the top – over the top, the only way out is to die!"Scream Aim Fire" by Bullet for My Valentine If I am being honest, this article is difficult for me to write for two reasons.  First of all, if I … Continue reading Killing Time: Thoughts After Maximum Carnage by John Harju

Meet Shawn Browning of Rottweiler Records | PRM | 118

This week's Comm Talk is a special episode of Primitive Rhythm Machine where John interviews the head of Christian Metal record label, Rottweiler Records. John and Shawn spend time talking about what it's like to be in an "alternative" form of music with a Christian music, the struggle of the Christian Music industry, and the genre of Christian Metal.

Mars Attacks! – TBS Review

ACK! ACK ACK, ACK! ACK ACK ACK AAAAAAACK ACK ACK! ACK ACK ACK, ACK ACK! Translation… In 1996, Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks was released in theaters and was a box office bomb. In that time, however, it has claimed cult status. Is Mars Attacks as bad as the initial box office reviews say? Or does it belong on a higher shelf than the bottom? Join us as our crew explores this very question…