Monica Rambeau’s Wisdom: ‘That’s Not How Family Works’ | The Marvels & God’s Plan

This week on Geek Devotions, we're delving into the profound themes embedded in "The Marvels" film. Watch as Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau unite against the Kree, prompting a thought-provoking reflection on family dynamics. Drawing parallels to the concept of the Family of God, we explore the notion that approaching God doesn't necessitate perfection but rather a willingness to be a part of His transformative journey. Monica's impactful line, "That's not how family works," becomes a gateway to understanding God's grace and the beauty found in imperfection within His family. Join us for an engaging discussion on embracing growth, righteousness, and the deeper spiritual message interwoven into this Marvelous storyline.

Brian Reed’s Dark Reign

About five years ago, a friend of mine had known this very fact about me. He, himself, was massively into Marvel Comics. So, this friend goes to a convention and picks me up Ms. Marvel #4. When he gives me the comic, he tells me about how Carol Danvers is like Diana Prince, one of my favorites in the DC lore. Needless to say, this stirred something within me. After reading that single issue, I embarked on a journey to know just about as much about Carol Danvers as I could.