Power of Encouragement | Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Devotional

In the 2023 anime “Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War,” Rukia is frozen in fear as she battles to save the Seireitei. But then her brother Byakuya shows up not to finish the enemy off but to strengthen her with words of encouragement that completely change her situation. What about encouragement changes the atmosphere of a person’s life? How can your words of encouragement change the lives of the upcoming generation? Join us as Dallas examines these questions.

3 Tips to be clothe yourself in the Light of Jesus

In Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, Mayuri Kurotsuchi discovered the secret to the Quincy's ability to slip in and out of battle. They have been hiding in the shadows! To combat this he literally clothed himself in light. How can Christians clothe themselves in the "Light of Jesus" to combat the enemy who lurks in the shadows? Join us as Celeste walks gives us 3 tips to clothe ourselves in the light of Jesus!