Mars Attacks! – TBS Review

ACK! ACK ACK, ACK! ACK ACK ACK AAAAAAACK ACK ACK! ACK ACK ACK, ACK ACK! Translation… In 1996, Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks was released in theaters and was a box office bomb. In that time, however, it has claimed cult status. Is Mars Attacks as bad as the initial box office reviews say? Or does it belong on a higher shelf than the bottom? Join us as our crew explores this very question…

The Last Airbender – TBS Review

In 2010 Avatar the Last Airbender fans were excited about the release of the Live Action adaptation that M. Night Shyamalan had prepared for them. Media outlets were filled with advertisements and discussion… But one day… the fire nation came and destroyed all that… I mean one day the film was released and everyone hated it…. But was it really that bad? Join John, Kevin, Dallas, and special guest Celeste as they discuss this film and decide if it belongs on the top, middle, or bottom shelf.