Countdown to Season 5:Retro Episode: Batman is Crazy and So Am I

In leading up to the beginning of season 5 we are doing a countdown of our first episodes from the past 4 seasons, while allowing for Dallas and Celeste to take a break from Friday Devotions to plan for season 5. This week we take a look at the Retro Episode Season 1 Episode 1: Batman is Crazy and So Am I" Originally Aired August 6th 2016. Please forgive our audio and overall video quality as this was our beginning and we have grown greatly since then.

Why Did Batman Have Friends? – Gotham City Gospel

Celeste wraps up our Gotham City Gospel Month with a look at Batman: Bad Blood! This movie featured a very intense scene where Batman's family friends are both in danger and his only hope. Often people wonder why Batman has friends... well Bad Blood answer that question. This scene reminded Celeste of the need for friends and made her ask, why did Jesus have friends?

Detective Comics #1000 | Is it Worth It?

Typically in these reviews, I talk about the cover art, story art, and the story itself. This landmark issue, however, poses some problems with this format. Much like the first issues of Detective Comics, this Giant-Size issue is composed of several stories that are not connected. With 10 different covers (10 main variants), 12 different writers, a rockstar list of artists; this truly is a celebration of the World’s Greatest Detective.

Understanding The Enemy – Gotham City Gospel

This week on Geek Devotions, The Healing Place School of Ministry continues our series Gotham City Gospel. In this episode, they compare Batman's most secretive enemy, The Court of Owls, to Satan. How are they similar and why is it important to Understand how the enemy works? Well, let's dive into that. Before we begin, … Continue reading Understanding The Enemy – Gotham City Gospel