For anyone who has experienced the changing power of the love of Jesus Christ, the way that power manifests itself in our lives varies from person to person.  So, when that person happens to be a comic book artist, it’s only natural that his faith comes out in his art.

Scott_PITT2010I first heard of Scott McDaniel when he was doing pencils for DC Comic’s Nightwing.  He’s also done work on Batman, Detective Comics, Static Shock, and Daredevil for Marvel Comics, among a host of other projects.  His art has a dynamic that is full of energy and motion.  When I was reading Nightwing, it seemed like he was somersaulting off the page!  So when I heard that he was doing a book called The Gospel of Jesus Christ, I expected to see that same sense of action in a telling of the story of Jesus.

This book is so much more than that.

GOSPEL_cover_previewFirst of all, this isn’t a traditional comic book.  It is a very direct telling of the core beliefs of Christianity.  As I read the book, it felt like I was hearing a sermon written specifically for me.  I kept feeling the urge to fist pump the air! If you or someone you know has any question on what a disciple of Christ should believe, Scott’s book sums it all up in very clear words.

Second, Scott’s art in The Gospel of Jesus Christ hits the reader on an emotional level.  What attracted me to his art in Nightwing was the energy in motion, how the page seemed to move with the characters.  In this book, however, the artwork has a completely different kind of energy.  Each page is a visual work of poetry that reaches beyond panels on a page and grips your heart, demanding that you listen to the severity of its message.

Lastly, it’s personal. Scott takes everything that he says in the book and points to his own life, showing the reader just how real the message of this book is.  Occasionally, you’ll hear about artists and writers who do works that pull on a heartstring or deal with a topic they feel is important.  This goes beyond that.  It shows us the core of who Scott is and how he sees the world around him.

To say I highly recommend it would be the understatement of the century.  Buy it for yourself.  Buy it for your friends.  Buy it for your family.  Do not let this amazing work slip by unnoticed.  It could, quite literally, be the tool God uses to change your life.


If you want to learn more about Scott McDaniel, his artwork, and his mission, you can go to his website (  If you want to ask your local comic shop to order copies of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, make sure to give them the information available here (, but you will want to request it before September 30th.  The book is set to release November 14th.  Like I said, this is a book you do not want to miss.

Hope this finds you all well.  Stay devoted!!

Keep Soaring,