The Mission of Geek Devotions

In August 2016, we uploaded our first episode of Geek Devotions… “The show from a couple of devoted geeks that are devoted to letting people know that they are loved!” We started off by uploading new YouTube episodes every Friday but soon grew to create various podcasts, live streams, and other content that were designed to encourage and challenge people in the Geek Community, bridging the gap between our faith and our geekdoms.

We strive to be a voice of light in a community that is often shunned and ignored by the church. This past seven years, we expanded into podcasts and live streams and partnered with other geeky ministries which have given us the opportunity to reach out and love on people locally here in Shreveport, LA, all the way to the UK and Australia! We have been featured in articles written by the organizations such as The Assemblies of God and K-Love/Air 1. We have received several e-mails and various social media messages from people telling us how they appreciate that we are speaking their language (Geek) and how what we do has encouraged, inspired, and challenged them.

We have grown to the point that we would like to give Geek Devotions an official Non-profit status which would open more doors for us to reach people who need to know that they are loved and help equip the church to reach them better as well.

What We Need

To achieve this goal, we reached out to a company called Start Church which specializes in setting up nonprofits for churches and ministries. The total cost of working with them will be $5000. To cover taxes and other fees, however, we are attempting to raise $6000.

To kick start this fundraising campaign, we will be doing a 40 hr Live Streaming starting Friday morning July 7th and ending on Saturday July 8th on our Twitch channel:

We are offering some rewards for different levels of giving that take place.  We will have a full breakdown of rewards below. 


  • $100 – Creators Review – If you have produced a book, movie, song, we will do a full review of it on our YouTube channel and our Website
  • $200 – Organizations, Churches, and Businesses will get a custom video or audio promotional piece produced by us.
  • $500 – Individuals and Organizations who donate at this level will have the opportunity to be interviewed on a video/audio podcast that will go out on all feeds.

Please reach out to us privately via social media or the contact form on our front page so that we can get in touch with you for your rewards.

To donate click the button below to visit our PayPal Donation Page.