I came to this video [Batman – Working Through the Pain] as a gift for a friend of mine who is dealing with a lot of pain that keeps coming like minecarts out of a busy mine (weird off-the-top-of-my-head-analogy, but I hope you get my point), but while I did come for my friend, I got something for myself: my Father speaking to me through you Dallas and Celeste. Thank you for being obedient (it is a good word that means Faithfully follow and do) to our Father and doing this ministry. You are blessing exactly the people He wants to bless through you.

Christopher Gallardo Jr.

Geek Devotions has brought me a fellowship like I have never imagined. I have friends during my day-to-day life on an online community! I could never ask for something more than Geek Devotions! The Devoted Geek Life group is also very very fun! I would suggest it to anybody!

Castin Chamberlain

Aside from great companionship and beautiful hearts, Dallas & Celeste never fail to encourage, uplift and challenge, as a man of God. As a creator, they’ve challenged and help to make my ministry more visually appealing.

Victims and Villains Podcast

Geek Devotions has helped me by praying for me and lifting me up. And because they made a page for gamers/nerds/Anime  and Christ; they have reminded me to never give up and hold my head up high.

Jimmy M.

Geek Devotions makes me feel like I can be a Christian and still be a geek. I still have to be careful of what I watch, what I read, but I can enjoy being Dale. Sounds corny, but there it is.

Dale W.