Is there a Perfect Church? Feat. Colby Bryant of Geeks Under Grace

Today on Geek Devotions special guest Colby Bryant of Geeks Under Grace takes a look at Star Wars and the Church. There's a lot of great aspects of the different movies from Star Wars. At the same time, there's a lot of things that people can and do dislike. Similarly, there's a lot of great things about the different types of churches in the worlds and a lot of things people don't like. How do we navigate this? How do we find a proper church? What do we do when we come across people who can't seem to find a church?

The Power of YOUR Story a Geek Devotion from Star Wars Return of the Jedi

For week 3 of our Summer Serials Event, we take a look at Star Wars Episode 6, Return of the Jedi! A favorite of ours that contains a fascinating scene. A scene that shows the power of a story. Stories can divide and unite people. The best stories, however, are stories that are shared. Problem is, not everyone realizes that they can have a great story too.