At Geek Devotions we create a variety of content from devotions to podcast. Each with it’s own unique flair and purpose. Click on the images below to visit the content you wish to see.

Every Friday at 4pm we upload a new Devotion to our YouTube channel. These episodes range on topics from dealing with daily struggles to how to reach those who need help, all of which using different aspects of geek culture to spring board into conversation. Once a month we will have a guest from other channels or ministries join us to do a special Geek Devotion in a way that reflects their style and ministry. Midweek we will upload what we call “Mini-Devos” which are small quick paragraphs along with a graphic that compliment that week’s Geek Devotion.


Extra Tuesday is a special segment that we do that contains updates about Geek Devotions, some funny skits, Interviews with creators/artist/ministries, Event reviews, book reviews, Comic book reviews, and other fun stuff!