Catwoman: Hunted | a Dapper Review

Kevin Burnham(Writer) “Catwoman: Hunted” is the latest animated movie released by DC animated studios. It has taken quite a while to finally have a movie of just her own without Batman and the Joker in the story, which to me is just getting too repetitive. “Catwoman: Hunted” is made in an anime style that includes … Continue reading Catwoman: Hunted | a Dapper Review

Redeeming Love The Movie – Is It Worth Watching?

The book “Redeeming Love” has been a favorite among Christian women for as long as I can remember. At the age of fifteen, I was shaken by the love and grace of God expressed in this book. It helped take the story of Hosea, and while it did fictionalize and hype up the romantic aspect of that story, it does so in a manner that, as a young woman, I was able to go, “Wow, that’s how God loves me.” Today we will be talking about Redeeming Love, the movie, and what I, a fan of the book, thought about its screen adaptation