In leading up to the beginning of season 5 we are doing a countdown of our first episodes from the past 4 seasons, while allowing for Dallas and Celeste to take a break from Friday Devotions to plan for season 5. This week we take a look at the Retro Episode Season 1 Episode 1: Batman is Crazy and So Am I” Originally Aired August 6th 2016. Please forgive our audio and overall video quality as this was our beginning and we have grown greatly since then.

In Batman Rebirth issue #1 we see Lucious Fox talking to Bruce, and this seems to be a normal business meeting, charts, budget,saving the company from bankrupt. In the midst of this conversation Fox looks at Bruce and goes,I told your dad once” You know I once told you dad he was crazy. No matter how hard he works people are going to continue to get sick. ” and Thomas responded with something that stuck with me all these years. “You’re right Lucious, I am crazy. but sometimes, people need someone crazy enough to believe that they Can be better. What else could I possibly do?” If you look at batman’s history his villians list is filled with people who seem to be getting worse and worse and worse, and he seems crazy for giving them chances so many times. But this is what Gotham needs. Is for someone crazy enough who cares enough to continue to reach out and try to save them.

This mentality is found in the scriptures in the book of Hosea. The layout of the entire book of Hosea looks a little like this.

  • Hosea marries Gomer, and treats her with love and respect.
  • Gomer runs back to her old life
  • Hosea rescues Gomer
  • Gomer ends up saving her from slavery… again. And again treats her with love and respect.

This cycle is repeated many times through out the book of Hosea, and all because God told Hosea to do so. We all mess up, we all need people to come into our lives and treat us with love and respect and think that we can be better even when we mess up so badly that we feel like we do not deserve it or can be better. God does this for us, and as His hands and feet here on earth we need to do the same. I am so grateful to those who have been a Hosea in my life.

Question of the Week: This episode being the first episode had no question of the week. So we ask you now, Who is the person that has been a Hosea in your life? Or who have you been a Hosea to?