For week 2 of our Summer Serial event, Dallas and Celeste take a look at Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode 5) specifically they look that epic scene where Yoda finally shows Luke what The Force can really do. The problem that Luke was running into was that he’d only heard stories about the force. No one had ever shown him what it really could do.

We have an issue today with a generation that wants to do something amazing for God because of the stories they’ve been told, but no one has ever shown them how to do it or even what it really looks like. This is really a discussion that boils down to one word… Discipleship. The hard lesson people have to learn is Don’t tell people, show people. Give us your thoughts on today’s subject in the comments and also don’t forget to answer our question of the Day!

Make sure to watch Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi before next week’s episode!!


The main observations that come from this devotions are as follows:

  1. Part of Luke’s struggle is that he’s never personally seen what he’s been told about. When in the midst of training people, we have to remember that people are often visual learners.
  2. Yoda sees the issue and does what a good leader does; teaches by doing. Being able to physically see what Yoda was teaching gave Luke a confidence that became invaluable down the road.
  3. We are currently in a time period where an older generation is trying to pass things down to the current one. A process that is amazing and beautiful, but sadly can become very frustrating.  There is an expectation being placed on the younger to see certain things take place. The issue is that many of them have never seen these things take place. They’ve heard stories from the past, but have never seen anyone actually operate in what’s being asked.
  4. If we want to see people grow, if we want to see God move in people’s lives in a real and powerful way, we have to train people in a fashion that goes beyond just telling them what to do. They need to see it. Don’t just tell people how to pray, pray with them. You can’t just tell people how to worship, worship with them. Don’t just tell people how to read the Bible, read it with them.