Today on Extra Tuesday Dallas takes time to walk us through the process of bagging and boarding comic books! We STRONGLY recommend you check out your local comic book shop to pick up the supplies you need. That said if you don’t have a local shop then follow the Amazon affiliate links below to get the exact same items Dallas is using in today’s episode. Also we will provide links to our favorite comic book shop!

Products Dallas used in the Episode

BCW Current Size Resealable Bags:

This is a great set of bags as they are durable and Dallas has really fallen in love with the resealable aspect of the bags. (We can’t tell you how many times Dallas has gone on a hunt around the house looking for scotch tape.) The main selling point of these is that they are durable and do a great job of protecting your comics from the outside atmosphere.

Dallas mostly uses “Current” size bags, however, sometimes they can feel a little snug so using “Standard” size is a great alternative especially if your dealing with older comics or comics that have a special thicker cover or are one of those EXTRA-Large editions. We will have links further down for you to get standard size bags and boards.

BCW Current Size Backing Boards:

It’s important that make sure your backing and your bags are the same size. These backings are to help secure your comics and make sure they don’t bend. that said if your backing is to small compared to your bags it opens you up for issues.

BCW Art POW! Short Comic Storage Box

Having a box is a great and easy way to store your comics. These standard size comic boxes are easily stackable, well constructed, and simple to store. This particular one has a fund design to it and there are many other great designs. That said you can get simple looking ones for much cheaper.

Things not in the show that Dallas also uses

BCW Brand SHORT Comic Storage Box
Long Comic Book Storage Box
Ultra Pro Resealable Current Size Comic Bags
BCW Current Comic Book Bags and Boards

Check out our favorite comic book shop, Excalibur Comics Cards and Games, right here in Shreveport.

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