downloadRecently Celeste and Dallas had a guest appearance on Victims and Villains Podcast! Victims and Villains is a geeky/nerd and suicide prevention podcast/ministry. On their facebook they describe themselves as “This is what happens when nerd news meets suicide prevention, come talk nerd and hope with your host Capt. Nostalgia & an awesome guest of the week!”

If you haven’t yet, you need too check them out today! Visit right away and search for Victims and Villains on your favorite Podcast catcher.
The show notes of our episode with him “Devotions & Disaster” read as follows:

Thanks to Logan McElroy for our theme & thanks to Candice Comelleri for our art. Thanks to the amazing guests we had this week. Go check and support all of their stuff and more importantly if you’re suffering with suicide or depression, get help. Shoot over to our contact page or call the suicide lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

Geek Devotions / Mind. Body. Fandom / Jigsaw

Roads to Hope M.I.Tragedy / Education Growth

OOZE HOPE! / The P.S. Midnight Cast / Shop

Check out the YouTube video below to check out the episode and subscribe to their channel!!